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4900 Oscilloscope probe Master Kits, 150-250 MHz

4900 Oscilloscope probe Master Kits, 150-250 MHz


Product Description

Kits Available




Oscilloscope Probes in Kit
(Total 3 probes in each Kit)

Kit Price




4904-2, 10X
4901-2, 1X/10X
4903-2, 1X





(2ea) 4905-2, 10X
(1ea) 4902-2, 1x/10x





(2ea) 4904-2RA, 10X
(1ea) 4901-2RA, 1X/10X





(2ea) 4905-2RA, 10X
(1ea) 4902-2RA, 1X/10X


Voltage Rating- 600 Volts D.C
For more specification on the probes see our 4900 series Oscilloscope probes.

Want different  scope probes in your kit? Design Your Own Probe Kit

25 piece Kit included:
3 Oscilloscope Probes, 21 Accessories and
Storage case.

Accessories included in all kits- 

Additional 4900 Series Accessories



30 Years

Made in USA



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  1. Excellent quality made probes, though no so much for the attachments. 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2016 Jul 1st)

    I really hate being the barer of bad news. Though I'm hoping this review will prove helpful in the ongoing improvement and development of probe master products.

    That said, I'd consider the overall quality of the oscilloscope leads themselves, to be above average and well within the scope of the renown probe master multi meter leads that we've all come to love.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of the attachments that come with this kit. ie, the material of the impedance adjuster tool is so soft that stripped within moment of use no matter how gentle I was. To which I'd add. I was unable to calibrate the probes without destroying the tool tip.

    The second issue I encountered was that two of the ground clips have become undone at the connection point(shrink tubing). Which is where one would disconnect the clip. To which I'd add, can be repaired(soldered) though this is the first time this has ever happened to me with these connectors on an oscilloscope probe and so I'm slightly disappointed that this is happening at this price point.

    The last and quite possibly, least of the the complaints is with that of the color coding rings that come with the kit. To which I'd add, doesn't appear to fit anywhere on the probes, other than at the base of the probe connector. However, I've found that they will often come off, to dangle along the wire. Which isn't ideal. And so my resolve, was to place colored tape bands on the probes themselves as a solution.

    Having said all that, I am quite pleased with the probe master probes in that the tip attachments appear and feel top-notch. As do the wide range of adapters and attachments that are compatible with the probes. Which make this an excellent choice for development projects. A+

    All in all, I'm quite satisfied with these probes in spite of the minor bumps along the way and look forward to replacing and expanding upon my existing probe sets and leads with probe master product.

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