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Multimeter Test Leads

We offer a large range of digital multimeter test leads that are manufactured here in the USA in our facility in El Cajon, California. We pride ourselves in offering quality meter leads that can be used with Fluke, Simpson, Tektronix & many more digital multimeters.

We offer many meter connector options. If you are not sure which of our DMM test leads meet your needs, then please check our Cross Reference page  or please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the correct test lead for your equipment.


  • Spring Loaded Micro-Tip Test Lead Set

    Spring Loaded Micro-Tip Test Leads Only

    Spring Loaded Micro-Tip Test Leads Only - 8152 Shown The 8152 Spring loaded test leads are used for high density SMD testing. The sharp probe tip is spring loaded to help keep the probe from slipping off the device under test. Soft Comfortable...

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