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105 - Audible Continuity Probe

105 - Audible Continuity Probe


Product Description

Audible Circuit Probe

Use to check

  • Continuity
  • AC & DC Voltages
  • Resistors to 1 meg ohm
  • Capacitors to 3000 mfd
  • Diodes & Transistors
  • Compare Circuit Resistance

The Circuit Probe produces a tone that varies with resistance, capacitance, or voltage. May be used to check continuity, compare circuit resistances, check capacitors, diodes or LED and trace audio signals (up to 1 KHz).  Will test live circuits up to 130 VDC or AC (AC is modulated tone). Because the probe is current limited, it will not generate the high current surges normally produced by lamp and buzzer type testers. The probe will not harm any circuit.  Sharp pointed tip on one end and a minigator clip on the other. Cable length 36". 9 Volt battery included.  Size 7" x 1.2" x 0.9"

Safe for Semiconductors & CMOS Logic
(probe is current  limited to 500ua.)


0 Resistance (probes shorted)= "REFERENCE TONE"
As resistance goes UP to 1 meg ohm, Frequency goes DOWN to 10Hz.

DC & AC Voltage

DC RANGE- 0-130 volts MAX
To +130 volts- Frequency goes UP with voltage
To - 8 volts- Frequency goes DOWN with voltage

AC RANGE- 0 to 130 volts MAX
Frequency goes UP with voltage, and is an AC modulated tone.


NON-POLARIZED CAPACITORS (ceramic, mylar, ect.)
Less that .01 mfd. - No Tone
.01 to .5 mfd. - One click
.5mfd to 3000mfd. - Tone changes from High Freq. down to 10hz.

POLARIZED CAPACITORS (electrolytic & tantelum)


Same indications as above if connected this way.105-c.jpg

If leads are reversed, tone will only go down to "REF. TONE" and possibly start back up.
1. Before testing, short capacitor leads together to discharge.
2. Ceramic capacitors may have buzzing sound depending on leakage
3. Capacitor is shorted if "REF. TONE" is heard in both directions.

Diode- Zenner- LED- Rectifier


"Reference Tone will be heard"

1 to 3hz may be heard because of leakage

Up to 20hz is acceptable of normal leakage




TRANSISTOR GOOD-When connected as above, and a tone slightly lower than "REF. TONE" is heard.
TRANSISTOR OPEN- No tone, when connected as above.
TRANSISTOR SHORTED- If tone is heard when leads are reversed.

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