6100 Special Purpose Oscilloscope Probes

  • BNC to BNC, 10X Attenuation Cable

    6143 BNC To BNC 10X Attenuation Cable

    BNC To BNC 10X Attenuation Cable The 6143 is similar to a standard 10X oscilloscope probe except with BNC connections on both ends. This 10X attenuation cable  provides a more stable connection when connecting to other equipment...

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  • Dual lead oscilloscope probe

    6164 Dual Lead Scope Probe

     The 6164 Dual lead Scope Probe has .025" female sockets that will accept most male pin hooks and SMD Grippers. The Red & Black leads are attached to the scope probe for a solid connection.Made in USA- Probe Master Accessories...

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  • PM6139 oscilloscope probe  is the same as Teradyne 853-068-00

    PM6139 Special Purpose Probe 10X (853-068-00)

    Special Purpose Probe PM6139 The PM6139 is the same as Teradyne 853-068-00.  Extra push button activate switch with momentary snap action sealed Switch.Made in USA-Probe Master Bandwidth (-3dB) - 100 MHz Attenuation into 1 megohm - 10X +/-...

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