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Oscilloscope Probes

We carry a full selection of oscilloscope probes which are manufactured in our facility in El Cajon, CA USA.
Our quality oscilloscope probes range from 100 MHz to 500 MHz and are available in a number of kits which offer everything from basic tips to SMD needle & spring loaded tips for high density testing. Our 4900 series deluxe kits offer a large selection of oscilloscope probe accessories for any job.

Probes are available with Readout feature to work with Tektronix, Agilient and other scopes.
The Gold Plated Tips & Contacts provided with the 4900 & 5900 series probes make an excellent contact for probing low level analog signals.

Looking for that special accessory?  Check out our 4900 & 5900 Series Accessories

Feel free to browse our Probe Cross Reference resources or contact us if you have any questions about our oscilloscope probes and which probe is right for your oscilloscope. We enjoy talking to our customers! 800-772-1519

  • Oscilloscope Probe Basic Kit , 10X, 150- 300 MHZ

    4900 Oscilloscope Probe - Basic Kit, 150-300 MHz

    The Gold probe 4900 Oscilloscope Probe Basic kit 7 Piece Kit Low Resistance Gold Contacts Switchable Readout Actuator Option available (see Basic Kit with Readout) Interchangeable tips (.030" & .055" dia.) Compensation range 10pF -...

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  • Oscilloscope Probe Design your own Kit

    Design Your Own Probe Kit

    Design Your Own Probe Kit ( Photo above shown with optional accessories) Select the 3-4 probes you want in your custom probe kit (probe specifications below)  Select if you would like to add the Deluxe Accessories to your kit(detailed...

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  • Spring Loaded Oscilloscope Probe PM4913-1

    Spring Loaded Oscilloscope Probe PM4913-1

    Spring Loaded Oscilloscope Probe PM4913-1 This new passive oscilloscope probe has Spring Loaded Needle Sharp Tips that will insure a positive non-slip connection to any surface. The Gold Plated Spring Tip is used for high density SMD testing. The Low...

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  • Oscilloscope Probe Deluxe Kit, 10x , 150 - 300 MHz

    4900 Oscilloscope Probe Deluxe Kit, 150-300 MHZ

      4900 Series Oscilloscope Probe  Deluxe Kit 18 Piece Kit Black Vinyl 3 Fold Pouch Low Resistance Gold Contacts Readout Actuator Option available (see Deluxe Kit with Readout below) Interchangeable tips (.030" & .055" dia...

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  • 400 MHz Oscilloscope Probe, 10X 5900 Oscilloscope Probe Kit, 400 MHz, 10X

    5900 Oscilloscope Probe Kit, 400 MHz, 10X

     The Gold Probe   Atten. 10X Length 3.5 ft (1 m) Bandwidth 400 MHz (@3DB) Voltage Rating 600 V D.C. Loading 8 pF, 10 M-Ohm Readout Actuator Option Available Low Resistance Gold Contacts Compensation Range 6.5pF -...

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  • Heavy Duty Oscilloscope Probe, 100 MHz, 10X & 1X

    3900 Series Scope Probes, 100 MHz

     3900 Series Heavy Duty Oscilloscope Probe Models to 100 MHz Rugged Fixed Tip .055" Dia Models available 3901-2, 3903-2, 3904-2 Now Probe Master offers a rugged, heavy duty oscilloscope probe at low prices. This probe features a snap-on...

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  • 500 MHz Oscilloscope Probe for Tektronix Scopes and  a  replacement for P6139A 5900 Oscilloscope Probe Kit, 500 MHz, 10X

    5900 Oscilloscope Probe Kit, 500 MHz, 10X

      The Gold Probe  The "GOLD PROBE" has been designed specifically for use with Tektronix, Hewlett Packard and other high performance oscilloscopes. This new slim design along with a host of versatile accessories, allows you to reach the most...

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  • SMD Spring Loaded Probe Tip

    4990SP SMD Spring Loaded Oscilloscope Probe Tip

    SMD Spring Loaded Oscilloscope Probe Tip- P/N 4990SP, 4991SP, 4992SP This spring loaded tip for our oscilloscope probes are used for high density SMD testing. The sharp probe tip is spring loaded to help keep the probe from slipping off the device under...

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  • 3915 Oscilloscope Probe Master Kit, 100 MHz

      3915 Oscilloscope Probe Master Kit 100 MHz 12 Piece Kit  Oscilloscope Probe Specifications   Length BW MHz Rise Time Loading Model Atten. Ft. M. AT-3DB ns pF M-ohm 3901-2 Switchable1X/R/10X 5 1...

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  • Sprung Hook for 3900 Series Oscilloscope Probe

    3955 - Sprung Hook

    3955 - Sprung Hook Fits the 3900 Series Probes only. (3901-2, 3903-2,3904-2 and 3915 Master kit)

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