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pic-1.jpgProbe Master began in 1980, by selling oscilloscope probes that were made in England. The products were good, however it was not long until we realized that there was very little stability in "offshore" companies. They would come on strong, look impressive, and then be gone. Unfortunately this left our customers with a variety of unusable probes and accessories.

We then decided on a long term plan to engineer and develop a line of probes that would allow us to compete with off shore prices. We knew we had to build a quality probe to survive.
By re-investing company profits in tooling and special molds, we are now able to offer a complete line of oscilloscope probes, test leads and accessories.

pic-2.jpgProbe Master has been an individually owned, self financed company since 1980. Our goal is not to look toward high quarterly profits, but rather to build a solid company, where our employees can work with pride and feel they contribute. Today, we may not be as big as Tek and H.P., but like them we are proud of our "U.S.A. made" products.

Success is based on two important factors.............using the collective knowledge of good employees and the comments and ideas from our many long time customers.






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