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Probe & Test Lead Holders

  • Test Lead Holder Rack

    9175 Test Lead Holder

    Test Lead Holder Attach this Test Lead Holder Rack to any surface with screws or included adhesive strip.  End slotsare wider for larger probes Length 6" High impact vinyl  

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  • Test  Lead Storage Pouch

    9176 Test Lead Pouch

    This unique black vinyl pouch is designed to store your probes,  test leads and accessories. The clear vinyl inside pockets show everything at a glance. The folded up 4"x8" size fits in your pocket or tool belt.  9176 3-Fold Pouch (opens to 8"...

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  • Oscilloscope probe storage box

    9179 Black Storage Case, Medium

    9179 - Black Storage Case   This handy storage case is made of high-impact plastic, with a secure snap action latch. It is designed to store differential probes, test leads and accessories. The interior has a foam lining...

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  • Test leads holders and storage

    9182 Test Lead Holder

    This unique test lead holder allows you to store your leads in your tool box or on the test bench. Leads wrap around holder and connectors plug into holes on either side.  Several holes are available for different lead lengths...

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  • Differential  Probe Storage Case

    9188 Black Storage Case, Large

    Storage Case Fits 4200 series Differential Probes 12 x 8 x 3.5 O.D. 11 x 7 x 3     I.D.     This handy Storage case is made of high-impactplastic, with a secure snap action latch and handle. Itis designed to store...

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  • Oscilloscope Probe Storage Case

    9190 Black Probe Case, Small

    9190 Black Probe Case This handy storage case is made of high-impact plastic, with a secure snap action latch.It is designed to store probes, test leads and accessories.The interior has foam on the bottom of the case. 8 x 5 x 1 3/4 Outside dia. 7 x...

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