Below are some of the great things our customers have had to say about our products. 


To quote Dave from eevblog, these are "sex on a stick." I couldn't say it better myself. Silky, needle sharp, great attachments, and at a good price. Plus, made in the good old USA. Highly recommended.

8000 Series- Paul  (9/2017)


I have few other test leads, including Fluke TL910. But Probe Master 8151 is better. Better wires, better needles, better springs in needles. I'm really happy with it.

8151 Micro Probe- Dmitry (9/2017)


The kit has most everything one would need for electronic testing. The components are very well made. There is very low resistance in the 48" leads in fact they have the same resistance the same as the leads 36" gold plated leads that came with the meter. There are a number of additional probes that can be added also. I just ordered the larger 1" Alligator clips. I intend to buy many of the probes available in the future. Thanks Probe master for the quality at a decent price.

9104R Test Lead Kit- Bill (8/2017)


Very high quality-
Have not had use yet but the quality is very good look to be better than original probes that I got with Tektronix scope very happy with my decision to purchase!

4900 Series Oscilloscope Probe- Unknown (6/2017)


These leads are a bargain! They conform to your hand allowing you to use them without feeling like you're wielding a pair of sticks you have to put down every few minutes. I am happy to find an excellent product from a US vendor that exudes quality and value. I'll be ordering more for all my meters & test instruments.

8000 Series Test Leads- David (5/2017)


I inherited an old Simpson 379 Battery Tester, with damaged leads. I could not find a source for replacement leads ANYWHERE. I lucked out finding the leads here. They exceeded my expectations, both in quality and price. I am happy to say that the old meter is working, and enjoyed. 

8000 Series - John 


Really high quality probes, for a very reasonable price. Found them by watching another engineer use them on YouTube. They do look and work as well as on screen. Be careful, they are super sharp, but that is why you want them. 

8000 Series - Piotr


Very comfortable in the hand and excellent quality. 

9103 Electronic Test Lead Kit - Iain


This is the second set of probes I have bought from Probe Master. Excellent quality, and versatility. Be careful, the tips are really sharp!
Quick delivery.

8000 Series Test Lead Kit - Rod 


Great price and very convenient. Have been looking for something to hold my test leads for a while and they work great.

9182 Test Lead Holder - Anonymous


I thought the probes I got for $20 were good quality. forget it, they are going in the trash. these are the real deal.

8000 Series Test Lead Master Kits - James


These probes work well at a good price. 

4900 Oscilloscope Probe Deluxe Kit - Bob

This is my 4th set of leads from Probe Master. I've put all my other test leads up. These design my own are finally the test leads I needed to have for quick exchange when a different clip or hook is required. And there is at least 6 different probes to attach. Plus, probemaster is quick to respond to questions and issues. Free shipping makes them #1 easiest, cost effective, and quality leads and test probes around.

3436 Design Your Own Jumper Leads - Al 


I like the construction and quality that they offer and the retractable end 

9152 Probe Lead - Anonymous


With my purchase of the Agilent U1272A a promo gave me a full test lead set with clips and probes using the retractable style lead attachments. The Agilent set supplied a point probe. But my Probemaster point is needle sharp under 40x loupe. The Agilent point is rounded. Not saying the Agilent needle point isn't quality. It is. Just the Probemaster needle point seems so much better and working smt is much easier and more accurate.

9186 SMD Needle Probe - Al

Fantastic quality, wires and tips built and the performance it's indeed very accurate and constant through every metal contact. I definitely recommend to purchase theses probes to anyone in the field as a primary probe. 

8000 Series Test Lead Kit - Daniel 


8000 Series
Your meter leads are exactly as stated.
They are a great product at a great price. The free shipping and the fact they were made
In America was what sealed the deal for me. I look forward to my next purchase. Looking at the 9000 series now.

Nice product and made in America- John 


I purchased two sets of the 8000 series probes. One set had the 90 degree plug in like Fluke series meters and the other set was a straight plug in. Both probe sets were of excellent quality exceeding Fluke. I especially liked the extra long silicon leads and the very sharp probe points. Shipping was fast and well packaged. A truly excellent American product.

Top Quality probes at a reasonable price-Donald