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Differential Probes

With signals becoming faster, and power supply voltages going lower, these active differential probes will allow floating measurements from 100uVolts to as high as 7000 volts. These probes provide high CMRR and a broad frequency range.

Information on about Scopes and other Differential Probes Go to our Probe Cross Reference

  • 4217 - High Voltage Alligator Clip

    4217 - High Voltage Alligator Clip 4MM Fits 4200 Series Differential Leads Voltage - 5000V max CAT I 2kV transient overvoltage(IEC 62020-2 & IEC 61010-031) Creepage distance >50 mm (1.97") Current - 20A max Temperature- -20 degree...

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  • 4218  Sprung Hook

    4218 Sprung Hook

     Sprung Hook Use with 9100 series test leads  & 4200 series Differential Probes 4mm safety socket 1000V/3A CAT III Total Length 4.8 in

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  • 9169 Sprung Hook Probe

    9169 Sprung Hook Probe

    Sprung Hook Probe- Fits all 9100 Series Test leads CAT III  1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10A Models 9169-0 Black Sprung Hook Probe 9169-2 Red Sprung Hook Probe  

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  • 9171 Pincer Probe 5"

    9171 Pincer Probe 5"

    Pincer Probe 5"- Fits all 9100 Series Test Leads CAT III 1000V,CAT IV 600V, 1A Models 9171-0 Black Pincer Probe 5" 9171-2 Red Pincer Probe 5"

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  • 9172 Pincer Probe 7"

    Pincer Probe 7"- Fits all 9100 Series Test Leads CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 1A Models 9172-0 Black Pincer Probe 7" 9172-2 Red Pincer Probe 7"  

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  • Alligator Probe

    9173 Alligator Probe

    Alligator Probe Fits all 9100 Series Test Leads CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10A Models: 9173-0 Black Alligator Probe 9173-2 Red Alligator Probe  

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  • 9174  Piercing Probe

    9174 Piercing Probe

    Piercing Probe - Fits all 9100 Series Test Leads Pierces wire up to 0.14” diameter For use with 16 AWG through 23 AWG wire 4mm receptacle fits our 9100 series banana plug CATIII 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 5 A Models 9174-0 Black...

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  • Oscilloscope probe storage box

    9179 Black Storage Case, Medium

    9179 - Black Storage Case   This handy storage case is made of high-impact plastic, with a secure snap action latch. It is designed to store differential probes, test leads and accessories. The interior has a foam lining...

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