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Oscilloscope Probes

We carry a full selection of oscilloscope probes which are manufactured in our facility in El Cajon, CA USA.
Our quality oscilloscope probes range from 100 MHz to 500 MHz and are available in a number of kits which offer everything from basic tips to SMD needle & spring loaded tips for high density testing. Our 4900 series deluxe kits offer a large selection of oscilloscope probe accessories for any job.

Probes are available with Readout feature to work with Tektronix, Agilient and other scopes.
The Gold Plated Tips & Contacts provided with the 4900 & 5900 series probes make an excellent contact for probing low level analog signals.

Looking for that special accessory?  Check out our 4900 & 5900 Series Accessories

Feel free to browse our Probe Cross Reference resources or contact us if you have any questions about our oscilloscope probes and which probe is right for your oscilloscope. We enjoy talking to our customers! 800-772-1519

  • 4952BA BNC Adapter

    4952BA BNC Adapter Use this BNC Adapter with the 4981ST STD. .055 probe tip. This BNC adapter is hollow and allows the 4981ST to  be used as the center conductor.  For an insulated BNC adapter,  order P/N 4987BA.    

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  • 4956PH Pincer Hook

    4956PH Pincer Hook- Black Fits on 4956WG, 4964WT, 4988DL Length- 2.25" Max Hook Diameter- .030" Connection method- two .025 sq. pin  

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  • 4957MH Micro Hook

    4957MH - Micro Hook Use with 4964WT, 4988DL,4965WG Length- 1.75" Connection method- .025" Sq. Pin Current (max. Rec.)- 4.4  AMPS Voltage (Max Rec.)- 2400 W.V.D.C.    

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  • 4958PH - Pico Hook

    4958PH Pico Hook Use with 4964WT, 4988DL, 4965WG Length- 1.41" Connection method- 0.025" Sq. Pin Current (max. Rec.)- 1.0 AMPS Voltage (Max Rec.)- 600 W.V.D.C. Hook Fits components up to 0.025" Extended hook length- ...

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  • 4964WT Wire Wrap Tip 6"

    4964WT - Wire Wrap Tip Adapter to .025" socket-  Connects to Pincer Hook, Micro Hooks, Pico Hook and SMD Grippers. Length- 6"   Use with 4900 & 5900 Series Probes

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  • 4965WG Wire Wrap Gnd

    4965WG Wire Wrap Gnd  .025 socket- connects to Pincer Hook, Micro Hook, Pico Hook and SMD Micro Grippers.

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  • 4971CM Channel Markers

    4971CM Channel Markers Includes - 2ea of four colors. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue Channel markers fit on the boots at both end of probes. They will work with our 3900, 4900 & 5900 series probe.

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  • Oscilloscope probe accessories for Probe Master probes

    4975EK Oscilloscope Probe Accessory Kit

    The 4975EK Oscilloscope Probe Accessory Kit fits our 4900 and 5900 series probes. The gold plated Probe Tips, Sprung Hook, Ground Lead, Alligator Tip, Extender Tip and other critical interconnect points within these accessories, provide excellent...

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