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8000 Series - Test Lead Kits

8000 Series - Test Lead Kits


Product Description

8000 Series Test Lead kits

The "SOFTIE™" by Probe Master lets you say "goodbye" to hand fatigue and finger calluses. A soft probe that bends 90 degrees or more. A probe that conforms to the shape of your hand. This soft flexible probe bends gently to reduce wear and breakage of the lead. Many combinations are possible with the "screw on" accessories shown above. The 48" long, 18GA. meter leads, are made of top quality silicone.

8043S Kit Shown

  • Sharp gold plated points
  • Silicone leads, burn resistant
  • Soft, comfortable hand grips
  • Conforms to the shape of your hand
  • Gold Plated Screw on accessories
  • Standard length - 48" Long, 18 GA
  • Optional Lengths- 24",36",60",72",96", 120"
  • Tip Length .88"
  • CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10A

Included in all kits.  Red & Black of the following:

8000 Series Test Leads (Red & Black)
8050 Sprung Hook (Red & Black)
8051 Tip Cover (Red & Black)
8052 Spade Lug (Red & Black)
8053 Alligator Clip (Red & Black)



Select the model below for your meter connection needed then choose model and length from the drop downs at top of page

All connectors are standard 4mm except 8045S

Questions on your meter Connections-
Call us or use our
Cross Reference to determine the meter lead connection you need.


Meter Lead
8010-standard-banana-connector.jpg 8008-male-banana-connector.jpg rt-angle.jpg 8009-female-banana-connector.jpg
Banana Plug

Safety Banana
Rt Angle
Banana Plug

Safety Female Banana

Kits 8026S






Meter Lead

9100-rt-angle-shroud-connector.jpg 9100-rt-angle-shroud-connector.jpg 8018-retractable-banana-connector.jpg 8019-pin-type-connector.jpg

Rt Angle Safety
Female Banana Jack

Rt Angle Safety
 Banana Plug

(Fits Fluke Meters)



Retractable Shroud
Banana Plug




.080" Pin Plug

Kits 8023S


Additional Accessories- 8000 Series Accessories

Improved "Shrouded Right Angle Connector "
       8043S fits FLUKE Meters


Simpson Meter 260 series 7 & 8 use 8023S

For Additional Meter lead Connections use our Cross Reference

to determine the connection you need.


30 Years
Retractable Banana Plug  8044S


Rt. Angle Banana Plug 8043S



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  1. Leads 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Dec 4th)

    Leads are of very high quality.

  2. Fantastic quality 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Oct 13th)

    After wasting far too much time fighting with the cheap leads that came with my meter, I finally replaced them with a set from probe master. My only regret was not buying them sooner. Flexible high quality wire, plus needle sharp points have make for a great set of leads that are a joy to use.

  3. Top shelf, the single malt of DMM probes. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Sep 21st)

    To quote Dave from eevblog, these are "sex on a stick." I couldn't say it better myself. Silky, needle sharp, great attachments, and at a good price. Plus, made in the good old USA. Highly recommended.

  4. These probes can turn a cheap meter into an expensive one 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Jun 23rd)

    I spent my career as a Foreign Services Field Engineer servicing everything from mainframe computers to micros and all manner of peripheral equipment in some very remote locations around the world. I've had DMM and analog multi-meters all my professional life ranging from throwaway imports to good quality Sanyos, Lafayettes, Keiths, Simpsons, Flukes and others the names of which I've long forgotten. These have not been top-of-the-line models but since I traveled a lot my bosses took a dim view of giving me expensive stuff just to risk losing them in airline luggage so most have been adequate and not spectacular. My 30 year old Fluke 77 is one of the best and now that I've retired, I've just acquired a 50 year old Keith VTVM and a new ennoLogic eM860T for use in tube radio restorations. The one thing these meters have lacked in all the years I've used them is a good set of probes. Measuring low-range voltages, currents and resistances have been iffy at best due to contact resistance and poor quality lead wires but for break-fix repairs they've been adequate. I now want to do more design work and dig deeper into component troubleshooting but cannot spend money needlessly. These new Probemaster probes are just the thing to make my aging equipment work like new again and even improve the accuracy of the better ones to almost lab equipment levels. They won't make a cheap meter give 5 decimal points accuracy but I would like to get reliable accuracy out to the meters' maximum range, and these probes deliver that in spades. Properly calibrated good quality meters can give 3 decimal points accuracy easily assuming you don't lose it in the probes so the probes are always the weakest link in any meter's design. These new Probemaster probes with their gold-plated tips, comfortable grips and super flexible wires can deliver that lost accuracy for you. They can literally turn a cheap meter into an expensive one assuming the meter itself follows industry guidelines in their manufacturing practices, and most of those over $60 or so do. It's the probes they try to save money on, so replace those and you'll have a very fine instrument indeed.

  5. Probemaster ROCKS! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Jun 6th)

    I love the flexibility and comfort of these probes. They are hands down the best built probes on the market and will always be my supplier.

  6. simpson 467 multimeter test lead 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 May 12th)

    I got this one 5 days ago
    Im more than happy i did
    It made my simpson 467 mutimeter alive
    I got my 467 from the used market for
    A 10 $ in almost like new shape
    But there wasnt any test lead with it
    Ive searched everyware until i found probemaster
    They have test leads for any brand of multimetrs
    So i ordered the test leads with the accesory kit
    Which is very useful and very easy to use
    The build quality is the best
    For you guys that own old brands of multimeters
    Or even a new if you ever wanted a test leads
    Dont go anyware just get it from here
    You wont regret it.

  7. Great Quality 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 May 8th)

    I have a few sets of test leads but I like these even better than the Fluke silicone leads I bought a while back, and those leads were $40 for just the probes. The Probe Master leads are very comfortable, flexible, very sharp, and the accessories are awesome.

  8. A very high quality set of probes 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Feb 27th)

    Fantastic quality. A very nice set. These probes are a joy to use.

  9. Excellent probes 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Feb 27th)

    Fantastic quality and very good value for money.
    Comfortable in the hand and the silicon leads are very flexible. I recommend these 100%

  10. Best multimeter probes 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 2017 Feb 6th)

    Best multimeter probes I have ever used. Sharp as sewing needles and the silicone leads flexible and durable.

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