9100 Series - Modular Test Leads

The modular series test lead kits are available with up to 30 different modular plug in accessories, such as Sprung Hooks, Pincer Hooks, Wire Piercing Hooks, Extender Probes, SMD Needle Probes, SMD Spring Tips and many more.

The test leads & accessories can be purchased separate or we have
several of the following kits to choose from.

Optional Accessories
  • Telecom Basic Test Lead with 5 Way Phone Clip

    9107 Telecom BasicTest Lead Kit

    Telecom Test Lead Basic Kit - Model 9107R Shown Our Modular Test Lead Kits have many plug on accessories available for all your testing needs. For Additional accessories not in this kit go to 9100 Series Accessories. Flexible Vinyl Strain...

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  • 9109 Pin & Socket Test Lead Kit 9109 Pin & Socket Test Lead Kit

    9109 Pin & Socket Test Lead Kit

    Pin & Socket Adapter Test Lead Kit The pin & socket adapter kit is used to test  hard to reach contacts on multi pin & socket connections. The insulated adapters protect against shorting or contact damage. The kit comes with 48" 18...

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